Thanks for your purchase!

The response to my outreach for pre-orders was beyond my wildest expectations. 

159 people put in orders and agreed to be part of the launch team. Those 159 people ordered a total of 221 books. As soon as I get them from the printer and I autograph them, I will package them up and get them out to people that should arrive to everyone the first week of November. I will need reviews from everyone [please!] put up on either Goodreads or Amazon. Reviews matter especially for something like this that is self-published. To easily find where to post on Amazon, scan this QR code and go straight to the page or click here. Also, if you do social media, please consider doing a post, also spread the word to your friends and family, schools, libraries, your local bookstores.

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If anyone you talk to wants to reach me, my contact info:
Jothy Rosenberg
(617) 306-8121