Hardcover books being printed

The image here is the exact PDF of the cover used in the book printing process.

While the paperback and ebook formats are produced and listed by Amazon, the hardback format is produced by IngramSpark who also lists their books on Amazon. It is important to work with IngramSpark (in spite of them being very slow and challenging to work with) because they are who distribute books to all the bookstores (who rightly view Amazon as competition) and libraries. On the same day I provided the files for the book to Amazon and to IngramSpark. Within less than a day Amazon was listing the paperback and ebook on their site for sale. It was another 10 days before IngramSpark had finished processing my files and were ready to take orders for the hardback book. I immediately ordered 300 copies to be able to fulfill the over 220 books that were pre-ordered. But the printing will take another week plus three days shipping which should be about Halloween. Once I get them in my hands I will autograph them and ship them as fast as I can. I expect people will have theirs by about Nov 4th or so. In that timeframe the hardback will also show up on Amazon’s site for people to order.

If you ordered some books when you get them and have a chance to read it, please remember to post a review on Amazon because these reviews are the lifeblood of a self-published book being noticed and getting out to many people who could enjoy, and benefit from, it.