Can Do Trail notecards just came out

These little nifty cards each has an image from the book Adventures on the Can Do Trail, 16 in all. This gives people a chance to share the images everyone loves from the book with friends they write to. See the Who Says I Can’t shop at whosaysicant.org/shop

Hardback books shipped to all pre-orders

The 159 people who pre-ordered a total of 227 books have all had their books shipped. Most have reported they have arrived as of 7-Nov-22. As you can see in the picture, it seems some people started reading them right away 😃. For those who didn’t pre-order but want the hardback now and don’t see […]

Books are shipping today

It has been a long process but the 300 books have been printed and are being shipped today in 13 boxes. I should have them in just a couple of days and they will go back out to people no later than Wednesday Nov 2.