When people experience illnesses and accidents that result in long-term physical disabilities, the goal is always to survive. But what happens after you survive? What happens when you leave the hospital?  What if walking is just not enough? Will the insurance company buy you a sitski, a hand cycle, a running leg, a waterproof surfing leg? That is where The Who Says I Can’t Foundation steps in to help.

The Who Says I Can’t Foundation (WSICF) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), charity addressing the psychological and physical impacts of having a disability by focusing on the restoration of self-esteem. WSICF believes that the key to self-esteem for someone with a disability is success at a high challenge activity. We fill the niche left behind by insurance companies who cover just the restoration of basic function (e.g. walking) but will not help support re-entry to a sport.

That is where WSICF comes in. WSICF provides the equipment and coaching on how to succeed and gain independence at your chosen sport. In addition, WSICF provides one on one case management in order to help coordinate and support participants in accessing appropriate clinical and/or support services to maintain their mental health needs and to ensure positive emotional health and recovery.

It’s no longer about simply surviving the illness or accident. WSICF wants those living with disabilities to have the self esteem and confidence to ask the question, “Who Says I Can’t” thrive?