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Who Says I Can't 2nd edition by Jothy Rosenberg
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Who Says I Can’t: A Two-Time Cancer-Surviving Amputee and Entrepreneur Who Fought Back, Survived and Thrived

2nd edition, updated with an additional chapter

Two words have the power to change a person’s outlook: good…considering. Jothy Rosenberg has heard this his whole life, starting at age sixteen when bone cancer led to the amputation of his right leg. Three years later, when cancer forced the removal of a lung and essentially served as a death sentence, this epithet continued. Rosenberg grew tired of only being good considering his disability. In the decades since, he has used athletics to overcome this social stigma. He turned his disability into a superability, often performing in challenging open water swims, cancer-fundraising bike rides, and treacherous skiing adventures better than two-leggers. And in the business world, when working in a reliable position failed to quench his need for risk taking, he plunged into entrepreneurship.

In Who Says I Can’t, Rosenberg teaches by example how everyone can overcome life’s obstacles. He shows that when the world says you can’t, courage and determination prove you can be more than good…considering.


Jothy Rosenberg is not a celebrity but an Everyman, which gives his wrenching story of astonishing grit its inspirational power. After being told, when he was nineteen, that he had no chance of surviving the cancer that had already cost him one leg and one lung, Jothy made a decision: He would ski until he died. Instead he became one of the first beneficiaries of then-primitive chemotherapy, a champion one-legged, one-lunged skier, swimmer and cyclist, and an early model of how to triumph over cancer and disability. For anyone who is trying to turn a cancer diagnosis, major disability, or even a major life challenge into a character-building experience, this well-written book is indispensable.

–Jonathan Alter, award-winning author, reporter, columnist, television analyst, cancer survivor

The Pan-Mass Challenge coined the term Living Proof some fifteen years ago. Nobody epitomizes that phrase, or our mission, better than Jothy Rosenberg. The challenges he has faced in his life have been hurdles, not walls, to leading a fulfilling life. In a world overflowing with hype and artifice, Jothy s journey and triumph is real and inspirational. He is a true role model.

–Billy Starr, Founder and Executive Director, Pan-Mass Challenge, largest athletic fund-raiser in the world

Jothy Rosenberg was a two-time cancer survivor by the time he was 19. Since then he has devoted his life to beating the odds and achieving what so many people thought was impossible. Jothy reminds us that even though life isn’t always smooth sailing, we should always live it to the fullest.

— Sara Haines, correspondent on NBC’s The Today Show

Jothy takes on things that seemingly, on the outside looking in…there’s no way he’s going to be able to do that.

— Gayle King, co-anchor of CBS This Morning and an editor-at-large for O, The Oprah Magazine

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14 September 2012
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