Jaclyn Hamwey

Jackie was a multi-sport athlete when she lost her right leg mid calf in a boating accident. She was determined to return to her favorite winter sport- and WSICF was proud to support her recovery and provide her with a specially designed snowboarding leg. She is now training with Team Utah’s Paralympic Snowboarding team in multiple competitive disciplines and continues to give back to the foundation to help others chase their dreams and push through limitations.

The motorboat propeller incident that happened in Chatham, Massachusetts on Saturday August 13, 2016, resulted in the amputation of Jackie’s right leg below the knee, a tendon graft from her right leg to her left leg, several painful surgeries to remove sand and debris from injury sites in her right thigh and left calf, and many blood transfusions.

Jackie is an active, vibrant, and athletic 32 year old woman with many friends and family who adore her sense of humor and positive attitude. Jackie loves snowboarding and sports in general; she is a die-hard Boston sports fan and LOVES the Patriots! She works as a scientist for the biotech start-up Quanterix where she’s been not only a valued and well liked employee but also a star of the company softball team.Throughout her ordeal Jackie has managed to remain positive and strong, even while suffering immense pain and agony. She is determined to get her life back and do all of the activities she has always enjoyed.

Jackie will require several prosthetics and adaptations to allow her to run the softball bases, snowboard, drive her Jeep, and live her life to its fullest potential. There are many amazing technologies that can help her achieve this, however insurance only covers a portion. Jackie’s goal is to obtain an adaptive prosthethic to help her achieve her goal of snowboarding since her accident.