Jaclyn Hamwey

On Saturday August 13, 2016 Jaclyn Hamwey was enjoying a summer’s day with her friends in the waters of Stage Harbor in Chatham, Massachusetts when her life was forever changed. As she was relaxing in the water off the back of a motor boat she was caught up in the engine which pulled her legs into the propellers. She suffered deep lacerations with damaged... Read More

Heaven Redd

Her name is Heaven Redd. She calls home Boerne, Texas where her mother and three sisters live. But she now loves her adopted Maine away from the Texas heat–which she loathes–where... Read More

Hugh Herr

The youngest of five siblings from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Hugh Herr was a prodigy rock climber: by age eight, he had scaled the face of the 11,627-foot Mount Temple in the Canadian Rockies,... Read More

Kelly Bruno

Filming for WSIC TV continues and last week was all Kelly Bruno.

Kelly’s quick thumbnail story is that she was born with a birth defect that included not having a fibula or a foot-ankle... Read More

Maureen McKinnon

Maureen was the first star of Who Says I Can’t TV.

Day 1 of shooting was about Maureen’s back story (no pun intended). She talked on camera about how she got hurt (broke her... Read More

McKinley Fay

McKinley, and her identical twin sister, Madeline, were born on September 13th, 2011, in Greenfield, MA. McKinley’s mother and father, Emily and Jim, and her... Read More

Muji Karim

His name is Mujahid Karim, or Muji for short. Muji is originally from Brooklyn New York. His family moved to Burlington Vermont when his mother became a teacher at UVM so he thinks of himself as... Read More

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